Ohio radio host defends Catholic school over firing of lesbian teacher


The spokesperson for the American Family Association and radio host Bryan Fischer claimed that it was right for a Catholic high school to “discriminate” against a teacher for her sexual orientation.

In March, an Ohio Catholic schoolteacher, Carla Hale, was fired from Bishop Watterson High School after her partner, Julie Uncapher, was named in her mother’s obituary. Fischer begins to defend the fact the use of the word “discrimination” is not negative.

“We have go to reclaim the ‘discrimination’ word. The language has gotten to the place where everybody thinks if it is discrimination- it’s bad. ‘Discrimination’ itself has become a bad word,” Fischer argued.

He then continues to declare that the school had every right to discriminate against Hale: “The school discriminated against this teacher, yes they absolutely did and they should have.

“They were absolutely right to do it. There are times when discrimination is the right thing to do. They were discriminating against this woman’s sexual behavior; sexual misconduct; immoral sexual behavior. We should make no apologies for discriminating against that kind of behavior.”

Fischer goes on to compare “immoral sexual behavior” to shoplifting by saying, “We discriminate against shoplifters. My point is that we discriminate against immoral behavior all the time, and we should. So let’s reclaim the discrimination word.

“It is right to discriminate against people who engage in aberrant sexual behavior-We should discriminate against people like that. It is right to discriminate against people who engage in that kind of behavior.”


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