Pro-LGBT athlete Chris Kluwe wins Webby Award


Minnesota Vikings’ Chris Kluwe won the award for Best Athlete of the Year from The Webby Awards, an online organization that honors the best on the Web.

Kluwe has been one of the most out spoken NFL player for gay rights and has used social media to leverage his support. He wrote a lengthy OP/ED for the Huffington Post called “When They Come For You.” The article expressed why he is so passionate about gay rights.  

“Why do I speak out in support of the gay community?” Kluwe wrote. “Because the actions of bullying, intolerance, and bigotry, actions that have driven (and will continue to drive) young children and adults to suicide, are actions any creature with an ounce of empathy within their soul ought condemn as the twisted depravity they truly are.”

The Webby Awards description of the athlete said: “Kluwe is one of the foremost proponents of marriage equality and has thoughtfully embraced the Internet as a tool to call for an end to homophobia in professional sports. As one of the NFL’s most politically outspoken players, Kluwe has actively harnessed the power of the Web to support the LGBT community and campaign for gay rights.”

Kluwe tweeted his gratitude for the Webby Award, saying, “I won! Apparently my missives through a series of tubes made things go beep boop. Huzzah! Thanks!”

Webby’s Person of The Year is Frank Ocean, who came out as bi-sexual last year. Webby found Ocean to be, “a truly remarkable, impactful person as both a musician and cultural icon, showing a deep understanding of the Internet as a communicative tool for social change.”


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