Nobody is “born that way,” says American Family Association spokesman


American Family Association commentator Bryan Fisher has claimed that Jason Collins’ coming out is evidence that homosexuality is a choice. Fisher said that the fact Collins’ identical twin Jarron is straight is proof that being gay is not caused by genetics.

“Jason Collins is absolute proof that homosexuals aren’t ‘born that way’ despite bloviations of that noted geneticist Lady Gaga,” said Fisher in an Instant Analysis op-ed. 

“[Jarron] despite sharing Jason’s identical DNA, is as straight as a laser beam. Identical twins share traits that are genetically determined: height, skin color, eye color, hair color and so forth. If homosexuality is a genetically-caused sexual preference, Jarron Collins should be as gay as his brother. He’s not,” Fisher added. 

Fisher cited research conducted by Columbia and Yale universities for his assertions. He outlined that studies showed same-sex romantic preferences were shaped by early childhood and how Collins now personified the truth in this belief. 

The most recent research in this field was carried out by an international group of scientists in 2012. They concluded in the Quarterly Review of Biology that although a “gay gene” will likely never be found, sexual orientation stems from epi-genetics. These are described as temporary switches that control how our genes are expressed during gestation and after we’re born. 

The authors were University of California Santa Barbara professor William Rice and Uppsala University professor Urban Friberg of Sweden who said that in general, epi-marks don’t pass between generations. They explained that this is why homosexuality appears to run in families, but has no real genetic underpinning. 

Fisher’s conclusion is clear however that “no one is ‘born gay’ and we have Jason Collins to thank for proving that to all of us.”


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