Out professional soccer player may come out of retirement to play again


Former soccer player Robbie Rogers may return to the soccer world after publicly coming out and retiring in February.

“There’s a good chance that I might come back to [soccer]but I need a few months to chill out, hang out with my family, go surf in California, just relax,” Rodgers told CNN.

The 25-year-old player resumed his training with LA Galaxy, a first since his public announcement. While the Chicago Fire still holds Rogers’ registration, LA Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena said Roger’s stay was uncertain for the time being. 

“Had a great first day back w/ @lagalaxy. Very appreciative that Bruce is allowing me to train w/ the team to get back in shape. #legsinbits,” Rogers tweeted on Tuesday.

Earlier in the week, Rogers gave his support to NBA player Jason Collins’ decision to come out, making him the first openly gay athlete actively playing in any major American sports leagues. 

“I think I was surprised like everyone else,” said Rogers in an interview with E! News. “Obviously I know what it is like going through being gay and being a professional athlete and being closeted and all the emotions and all the thoughts that go through your mind. I don’t know him, but I was very happy and proud for him.”

Collins came out on Monday in a first-person essay for Sports Illustrated. His decision to come out was driven by the Boston Marathon bombings, when he realized life can often be too short. After the incident, Collins knew he “shouldn’t wait for the circumstances of [his]coming out to be perfect.

“But most of all, I was happy that our society gave him such a positive response including athletes from all over the world on Twitter. Society is really changing, people are moving along and accepting gay athletes and I think more athletes will follow in his footsteps,” Rogers continued. 

“We will see what happens, but it is definitely a positive step. You can’t just say to someone, ‘Come out, come out,’ it really depends on him.”

Chicago Fire Coach Frank Klopas commented that there were no discussions about trading Rogers with LA Galaxy, David Beckham’s former team.

”Before he came out and his decision we made that move because we believe Robbie Rogers is a very good player, knowing that he would probably at some point leave his team in England. That hasn’t changed,” Klopas said on the Chicago Fire website.

“It’s great that he’s back into it. He’s a young man with a lot of years left and it’s something he loves doing. You can never get that back when its past. His home is in LA and he went to go back and play and I think that’s great news.” 


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