LGBT-inclusive San Francisco rugby team prepares for Seattle tournament


The Bay Area’s Fog Rugby Club has begun preparations for the biennial ‘Magnitude’ tournament being held in Seattle. The May 24 – 26 event, being hosted by the city’s Quake Rugby team, will comprise of clubs competing from across the US. 

The SF Fog will continue to hold fundraising events to ensure there is enough money raised to allow the club to participate in Seattle. Club captain Dany Samreth is clear that this is a team that attracts players from all sorts of backgrounds and communities. 

“Its a relaxed group of very diverse guys. There’s people who have played rugby for 20 years, then a couple of players who I just signed up in the last month,” Samreth told 429Magazine. 

The Bingham Cup, also a biennial competition and held most recently in Manchester last year, is the premier rugby tournament for LGBT-friendly clubs worldwide. ‘Magnitude’ is the main event in “non-Bingham years” according to Samreth who says that the Fog has dominated it since its inception.

The backdrop of out gay sportspeople such as the NBA’s Jason Collins and former soccer player Robbie Rogers highlights the progress made by the LGBT community in sport, says Samreth. He remembers the days when a team like the Fog would be subjected to AIDS-related jibes from opponents. 

“The atmosphere has changed a lot. Even though you think of San Francisco as liberal, the rugby community has become more accepting,” added Samreth.


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