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Stand-to-pee (STP) packers are devices that enable female-to-male transgender individuals to successfully use urinals. This is a very important aspect of transition for many transgender men, says Michael Fitz, STP-Fitz co-founder. 

“Some men find that it is important to be able to stand to pee,” Fitz told 429Magazine. He continued to say that “in our experiences, it’s pretty common for many [men]to at least want to experiment with it. There is a sense of feeling whole [or]completeness in that ability.” 

Fitz, a transgender man himself, spent hundreds of dollars on STP-packers but found none which worked for him.

Frustrated and running low on funds, Fitz decided to make his own. Most STP-packers use medicine spoon receptacles that don’t work for everyone. Fitz explained that the medicine spoon allows for too much room for error, resulting in embarrassing accidents. In an effort to solve this – with the help of a YouTube video – Fitz discovered that a baby bottle nipple could double as a receptacle. 

“I tried it and it worked for me. Some acquaintances suggested that we sell it. They were our first customers. We sold them through a website until we got into Tool Shed [an erotic boutique]in Milwaukee,” Fitz continued. “At that point we decided to sell exclusively through trans friendly shops. We also have our products in Early to Bed in Chicago, She Bop in Portland, all three locations of Pleasure Chest, and The Sugar Shop in Baltimore.”

Everyone’s body is built differently, so some men find that medicine spoons serve for the best function, while others have discovered perfect standing-urination ability through the STP-Fitz packer.

“We think that it’s great that our community has so many options and more resources than in the past.” Fitz said. STP-Fitz, which charges only enough to cover product costs, prides itself on being affordable and customer friendly. 

“We just wanted to give our community another resource at a reasonable price [and]our reviews have been fantastic,” said Fitz.


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