Marriage Equality parody of Finland Eurovision entry goes viral


A parody video supporting marriage equality that plays off Finland’s 2013 Eurovision entry song has been making the rounds after going viral this week, outdoing its original online.

The new parody, created by Dekel Ben Avi and Bastien Venturi, which was created by shooting in 10 countries with some 150 people, has been seen over 150,000 times, besting the “Marry Me” song by Krista Siegfrids for Eurovision that saw 130,000 views.

Siegrids will perform her song at this month’s 58th annual Eurovision Song Contest.

While the parody is similar to Siegrids original – where she is looking for the man she wants to marry – this one uses a gay couple instead. It is part of a protest movement that is growing to push Finland to become the last Nordic country to pass marriage equality.

Fans from Switzerland, the USA, Finland, Holland, Germany, France, Iceland, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and the UK are involved in the video.

A message in the about section on Youtube reads: “It was made with love and support to (and from) Krista Siegfrids, who we wish the best of luck in the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Malmo!”


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