Two anti-gay British politicians lose elections


Two virulently anti-gay British Independent Party (UKIP) lost elections in England in their attempt to become councilors. The results have been praised by LGBT activists, who said it showed that the UK was “moving forward” on gay issues.

“We just passed marriage so it would seem odd to have these people win seats,” one activist in Gloucestershire told 429Magazine.

John Sullivan, a UKIP candidate, best known for arguing that “regular physical exercise” in schools can “avoid homosexuality” lost and won’t become Gloucestershire councilor.

Will Windsor-Clive of the Conservative party defeated Sullivan by 391 votes.

Fellow candidate Philip S Rose, who said “gay folk are being used by forces of evil” to halt UKIP’s progress, also lost his election in Derbyshire County Council to Labor Party’s David Alan Williams by a large margin.

Sullivan is know for praising Russia and their ban on Moscow gay pride and LGBT activities, calling marriage equality supporters “termites.”
Ahead of the election he wrote on his Facebook page that he believed he could actually win.


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