Gay French mayor receives bullets in mail after talking marriage


A French mayor in eastern France was sent a letter with bullets after he had openly discussed marrying his partner and adopting children in an interview with a local newspaper. The incident comes only days after France passed legislation that granted marriage equality across the country.

But anti-LGBT protests have erupted in the country, which is the 14th in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, leading to violence.

Thierry Speitel, mayor of Sigolsheim a small town in the Haut-Rhin received bullets in the mail, The Local reported.

Speitel said he was “shocked” by the incident and described the act as “odious.”

Along with the bullets, Speitel, a practicing Catholic, was sent a copy of his newspaper interview, which contained scrawled handwritten homophobic insults.

Speitel is the most recent elected official to receive death threats over their support for marriage equality.

The day before the final vote, Speaker of the National Assembly Claude Bartolone received an envelope of gunpowder, warning him to delay the vote. Before that, Socialist deputies Sylviane Bulteau and Hugues Fourage were sent letters threatening to kidnap and kill them or their loved ones if the gay marriage bill was not withdrawn.

It went forward and was passed. Marriages should take place this summer.


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