Boy Scouts to vote on scout leader ban


The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) will vote in three weeks on whether they will end their ban on gay scout leaders.

Anti-gay protesters are in opposition to this and on Sunday, the Family Research Council is holding a webcast called “Stand with Scouts” to support the ban.

Tony Perkins, John Stemberger and Rick Perry will be featured in the video.

Perkins is known for calling gay men “‘Pawns of the enemy and terrorists” said GLAAD’s Director of News and Faith Initiatives, Ross Murray. John Stemberger, who will be featured  in the Family Research Council initiative to maintain the ban on gay Scouts. As pointed out by Murray, Stemberger compared President Barack Obama to Hitler and is in favor of the criminalization of gay people.

GLAAD wrote a post which summarizes the stance of faith-centered organizations in relation to passing this new legislation.

GLAAD has also created a graphic, which will stand as the support signifier for faith-followers  who are also in support of accepting all members in to the Boy Scouts.

Faith groups have conflicting opinions of the potential acceptance of gay Scout leaders.

Murray, has outlined a few faith organizations with differing opinions of this potential change of acceptance.

Keep ’em Out is a group that wants to keep the ban on gay members. They believe that God is on in opposition of gay acceptance.

Scouting for All is a faith-based organization whom are in support of allowing all members to join the Boy Scouts.

This group is “working to lift not only the ban on gay scouts, but on gay and lesbian leaders as well. They recognize the inconsistency of accepting a gay scout, only to turn them away once they reach 18 years of age,” Murray said in a report to 429Magazine.


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