UK painter dedicates show to Lucy Meadows


A UK artist is dedicating his show to transgender primary school teacher Lucy Meadows, who was found dead after her transition from male to female was scorned by many British media outlets.

Chris Fittock said that his exhibition, “Transcending Perceptions,” is all about himself as an artist coming out as a cross-dresser.
He hopes that his paintings will help “spread the message of acceptance” for the transgender community.

The Lancashire-based painter, did not know Meadows but when she died he contacted her old school to ask them if he could dedicate the show to her.

“They were happy for me to do so,” he said in a statement.
The exhibition will take place at the Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington, near where Meadows lived and worked.

“Since the age of 8, I had been secretly cross-dressing, something I had never managed to come to terms with, this had left me with bouts of depression, low self esteem and confusion as to why I would so desperately want to explore my feminine side, and wear woman’s clothes,” said Fittock in a statement about his art.

On March 19, the 32-year-old Meadows’ body was found in Accrington. Meadows decided to live openly as a woman in late 2012.


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