Texas Governor Rick Perry says gay-free BSA like fighting slavery


Texas Governor Rick Perry is finding himself in hot water once against after he compared ensuring lesbian and gay people remain out of the Boy Scouts of American to the battle against slavery over a century and a half ago.

His comments come as the BSA is schedule to vote on whether or not they would end the ban on gay members in the organization. But Perry is throwing his support behind the Family Research Council’s “Stand with Scouting” in the struggle, he says, to maintain no gay people in the BSA.

Perry described opposing allowing gays in scouting as the same “type of principled leadership … the type of courage that one his long-ago predecessors, Governor Sam Houston, displayed when he opposed slavery and opposed leaving the union in the pre-Civil War era.

“The fact is, this is a private organization,”Perry said. “Their values and principles have worked for a century now. And for pop culture to come in and try to tear that up, which happens to be the flavor of the month so to speak, and to tear apart one of the great organizations that has served millions of young men, helped them become men and great fathers, that is just not appropriate and I hope the American people will stand up and say, ‘Not on my watch’.”

He added: “And if we change and become more like pop culture, young men will be not as well served. America will not be as well served, and Boy Scouts will start on a decline that I don’t think will serve this country well as we go into the future.”

The Boy Scouts have come under much criticism in recent months, especially after they allowed known criminals into the organization, but continued to refuse to allow gay people.

They believe that it’s harmful to have a gay man work for the BSA, but according to their application for employment, “conviction of a crime is not an automatic bar to employment.”

The application also says they won’t be hiring atheist or agnostics.”¨The BSA was established in 1910 and has been the one of the largest youth organizations in the United States, with more than two million members and one million adult volunteers. “¨”¨

The organization prides itself on training youth to become responsible citizens.

“¨”¨President of Human Rights Campaign Chad Griffin wrote an open letter stating, “It’s so rare these days to see such blatant discrimination written down on paper.”


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