I’m offended by Lindsay Lohan’s “straight” claims


In an interview with Piers Morgan this past weekend, Lindsay Lohan said that her year and a half relationship with DJ, Samantha Ronson was something she needed to experience but that it doesn’t make her bisexual or a lesbian.

When Morgan asked her about her romance Lohan explained that being with a woman was just different. When he followed up with the question “You’re probably straight?” She answered, “No, I know I’m straight. I have made out with girls before, and I had a relationship with a girl. But I think I needed to experience that and I think I was looking for something different.”

I am the same age as Lohan and a proud feminine lesbian and I can’t help but be offended with someone who thinks she can play for our team for a season and then claim it was a choice and experimentation. A year and half relationship, especially in Hollywood is a long time. If this was a male actor he would forever have that gay title.

Take Frank Ocean for instance, on his album Channel Orange he sings about his love for a buff man on his controversial song Forrest Gump. He came out and admitted to falling in love with a man before and even though it was one experience and he still found himself attracted to women, Hollywood labeled him the gay R&B singer. 

I am all for fluidity and falling in love with a person not a gender and if someone isn’t about the labels of bisexuality then that’s okay too but there is a huge difference between being straight and having occasional relationships with the same sex. 

However Lohan doesn’t express that message. She makes being gay seem like a choice. If Robert Pattinson or Diddy were out at the clubs or spotted in public making out with their guy friends would we think it’s just an experiment and something they needed to go through? Probably not.

With all this being said I think Lindsay Lohan has fallen off the wagon and we can’t really take what someone who would rather go out for sushi than make her court date too seriously. 

Still, in the struggle for our civil rights it’s important that public figures do not give the LGBT community more stereotypes, such as claiming that gay is a phase.

Although I do not think Lindsay Lohan needs to label herself as bisexual or a lesbian but I don’t think it’s fair for her to claim she’s straight after she was in her words “in love” with someone of the same sex. Instead, let’s just say she is in a category all on her own. 

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