Equality Illinois wants state Republicans to respect Pat Brady’s legacy


Equality Illinois requested the new GOP leadership respect the Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady’s legacy. As “the state’s oldest and largest organization advocating for the rights of LGBT Illinoisans,” Equality Illinois issued kind words concerning Brady’s resignation.

“Pat Brady deserves the recognition he has done,” Equality Illinois CEO Bernard Cherkasov told 429Magazine. “We support him for recognizing the freedom to marry and opening the dialogue.”

In a press release, Cherkasov continued his statement on the former chairman’s resignation.

“Under Pat Brady’s leadership, the Republican Party has stayed focused on its core value: that government should respect people’s private lives. And I am proud of his support of the freedom to marry. I hope that even after his departure, the party leaders continue that support for the freedom to marry – or else the party is going to be irrelevant for the future generation of voters,” said Cherkasov in the press release.

Brady resigned, alluding to his wife’s battle with cancer and to focus on family life with his four children.

“I’ve been going hard for 6 years. It’s time to move on,” Brady said in a public letter. “It’s time to focus on my wife and our kids.”

He served 6 years in Republican politics with internal opponents from the party calling for his resignation over his public support of marriage equality.

“Pat Brady supported all Illinois families with his endorsement of the freedom to marry, and now we honor his decision to resign to focus on his family, and we wish them all the best,” Cherkasov continued.

The Republican Party is currently re-branding itself to be more inclusive, with many of the more socially conservative groups threatening separation over the issue of marriage equality. Brady also urged Republicans to be more inclusive.

“It’s about addition and not subtraction and if we come off as mean-spirited or angry or too dogmatic, then we don’t attract people to the party,” said Brady.

Cherkasov commented on the origins of the Republican Party and what may need re-structuring.

“The founding principle of the Republican Party is that small governments respect the pursuit of happiness [and other rights]. That’s what Lincoln founded. They need to focus on what’s right and support the freedom to marry,” said Cherkasov.

On his replacement, Brady also offered an alternative on his successor.

“I really think we need a different face than an old white guy,” Brady concluded. “I think it’s time for a woman.”

Cherkasov weighed in on the topic and said it is ultimately the party’s decision, but hopes they stay to their mission.

“We hope the party stays true to its founding principles of individuality and the pursuit of happiness and continues to promote variety. We hope whoever the new successor is supports the freedom to marry,” Cherkasov concluded.


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