French anti-gay flier outrages anti-gay supporters


An anti-gay poster made by a French Twitter user caused a buzz not only amongst same-sex equality supporters, but anti-gay opponents too.

The poster was promoting an anti-gay rally for May 26 and shows French Guiana native Justice Minister Christiane Taubira as a red-eyed gorilla being attacked by anti-gay group, “Manif pour Tous,” members.

Taubira is known to be one of the biggest supporters of same-sex equality and even though she is often plastered in slogans and on posters made by protestors, people were outraged at how racist the image was.

One anti-gay supporter responded to the image by saying it discredited “Manif pour Tous” and it was a horrible image.

“Manif pour Tous” took to Twitter and tweeted, “the only news and posters to take into account for the May 26 rally are those tweeted by this account.”

There were some supporters of the image who said the image wasn’t meant to seem racist but instead show how same-sex marriage will destroy France and what it stands for.

Same-sex marriage became legal last month and protestors have become more outraged with each anti-gay rally.

An estimated 300,000 people in Paris marched in an anti-gay protest held in March, a gathering that ended in police spraying tear gas at people jumping barricades.

At the end of April, protestors became violent again after the news that marriage-equality was legalized. 500 protestors refused to peacefully disperse and again tried to run across barricades, yelling and chasing officers down the block, some even throwing bricks.

The same-sex law has only one more step to go, being signed by President François Hollande, who openly confirmed his support for the law back in November.

Since the image of the minister went viral, the Twitter user who posted it has since taken it down and apologized to anyone he may have offended.


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