Minnesota becomes 12th state to legalize marriage equality


Minnesota has become the 12th state in the country to institute marriage equality, with the state’s Senate voting 37-30 on Monday to pass the legislation after it was approved by the House of Representatives on May 9.

Same-sex weddings will be allowed beginning August 1. Only six months ago, Minnesotan voters elected to overturn a ban on same-sex marriages in the state’s constitution.

Once the measure was passed in the House, analysts predicted it would also pass in the Minnesota Senate. Democratic Governor Mark Dayton has pledged to sign the legislation into law. 

According to the Human Rights Campaign, when the bill passed the committee stage earlier this year, “it was an incredible scene with overflow crowds filling viewing areas around the state Capitol in St. Paul.”

“We’re incredibly excited by the progress,” State Legislative Director of the Human Rights Campaign, Sarah Warbelow, who testified in favor of the bill, told 429Magazine. “It’s just amazing to have partners on the ground like Project 515, OutFront Minnesota and Minnesota United.”

Each of the three organizations campaigned to progress marriage equality in the state. 


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