Biden candidly discusses gay marriage in interview with Rolling Stone


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Vice-president Joe Biden talks about his support for LGBT rights and his experience during his run as vice-president. 

Author and interviewer Douglas Brinkley said that after sitting with Biden for an hour, he suspected that Biden is considering running for the presidential office, giving rumored candidate Hillary Clinton some competition.

Brinkley highlights Biden’s admirable qualities, like his blue-collar appearance and solid family values, as things that would be appealing to the public. He also believes Biden’s involvement in the Obama administration would give him a leg up on the LGBT and African American communities.

Biden is known to have an extremely tight bond with the president, and has said that when it comes to decision-making, he is usually the last to leave a room, staying behind with Obama to discuss the issues.

When asked about his stance regarding same-sex marriage, Biden expanded on previous statements. 

“Remember, I got criticized for saying I support gay marriage . . . I just decided I couldn’t be quiet about it anymore, and everybody was stunned that that’s where the public is. And I’m not stunned; it’s where the public’s been for a while. Talk to any of your kids, for God’s sake,” Biden said. “I got blowback from everybody but the president. I walked in that Monday, he had a big grin on his face, he put his arms around me and said, ‘Well, Joe, God love you, you say what you think.’ I knew he agreed with me. It wasn’t like he was in a different place.” 

In his second term he is working with Obama on finishing up what they started in their first terms. But Biden spoke about how these eight years wouldn’t be enough to finish what he and the Obama administration have planned for the country.

Although not an official confirmation that presidency is his next goal, Biden speaks with a confidence for the future about everything from global warming to gun control as if he has a set trajectory for the future. 


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