Violent Femmes at BottleRock


For the 39th anniversary of their self-titled 1982 debut, the Violent Femmes celebrated by playing the full record in its entirety Thursday at the Miner Stage at BottleRock in Napa Valley, California. At their second show in six years, the trio was all smiles, offering a laid back vibe. 

Fresh from Coachella, the Violent Femmes, though a little shaky, held their own with tracks like “Add It Up” and “Please Do Not Go,” demonstrating their role as precursor to the alternative emo folk-punk genre. The group seemed at ease on stage, drawing in an older crowd with a nostalgic set list—songs of reminiscence.  

With an enthusiastic audience singing all the way through, “Blister in the Sun” united the attendees belting out the lyrics in unison. The group went from one song to the next with barely a break, and seemed to truly enjoy being back on stage with drummer Victor DeLorenzo, now 58, incredibly animated, jumping around and calling out to spectators. 

The set undoubtedly felt like a backyard reunion party—low key and quaint, but memorable.  


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