Filmmaker kisses fiancé at South Korean news conference


South Korean film director Kim Jho Gwang-soo is making a bold move in his conservative country by announcing that he will be marrying his boyfriend of nine years in September. 

Gwang-soo is the first South Korean celebrity to do this so publicly and only the second celebrity to come out. He made the announcement today at a conference and spoke about the importance of being out.

We wanted to convey the message that all sexual minorities should be given rights equally in a beautiful way,” the 49-year-old said in the conference held in the country’s capital of Seoul.

After announcing the wedding date he then kissed his boyfriend, Kim Seung-hwan, which was a surprising display of affection because the country still sees it not only as a taboo but against Christian values.

Although it is legal to be gay in South Korea the country is nowhere near taking steps towards same-sex equalities and even some of the LGBT community say that it’s great that Gwang-soo made such a public display but it will most likely have little effect on South Korea’s views on the subject.

Hate crimes are also at a high in South Korea where a lot of the LGBT community choose to stay in the closet in fear that they would be in danger if they were out.

Gwang-soo came out in 2005 and has directed several films. He also works as an advocate for LGBT rights.


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