Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros speak on equality


Walking on to the stage with an energy you could taste, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros evoked uproarious cheers from the BottleRock audience in Napa Valley. Dressed in a 60s era influenced attire of brown linen pants and a sky blue top with colorful patchwork, lead vocalist Alex Ebert brought authenticity to every word he sung. 

The ten-person band took every chance to connect with the audience. Vocalist Jade Castrinos and Alex sat on the side of the stage, as if in conversation with one another and sang their joyful song, Home, leaving the show-goers in a state of euphoria.

Jade, who was wearing a flower-child influenced dress and sunglasses, charmed the audience not only with her alluring voice, but revealed her sassy personality and quick-witted charisma; demonstrating the approachable and relatable persona of the entire band.

Toward the end of the set, Alex passed around the microphone to audience members who wanted to tell stories that they had in relation to the band. One fan revealed that it was the Edward Sharpe band which inspired him to learn the harmonica. 

The band isn’t only influential on a musical note but in the political sphere as well. Drummer, Orpheo McCord, and accordion player and keyboardist, Nora Kirkpatrick, revealed their opinions on same-sex marriage in an interview with 429Magazine. 

“I think anyone should do what they want” Nora said. Orpheo continued, “I think it’s awesome.” Although the two band members couldn’t act as the spokes-people for the whole band, Nora took 429Magazine aside to say that if she had to guess, “everyone is for it.”

On stage, their all-inclusive, love-spreading spirit bubbled out of them like champagne. Although it was announced that Alex had the flu, he more than made up for it when he jumped off the stage, hopped the barrier dividing him from the audience and launched himself into the hands of his adoring fans. 

Their famous song, Man On Fire, with the uplifting lyric, “I want the whole damn world to come dance with me” set the tone of their inclusive, accepting, and love-spreading mantra. 


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