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Pride season is finally here and Long Beach is kicking off the celebration this weekend with plenty of parties, fundraisers and special performances. Among them is underground and underrated pop/indie artist Tragik. 

With DJ sets and performances of her electrifying tracks, the artist who also dabbles in fashion, photography, video and LGBT activism, will be bringing entertainment all weekend long at some of the lesbian and queer hot spots in West Hollywood and Long Beach over the weekend.

Tragik, whose real name is Florencia Garcia Carcagno, was born in Argentina and grew up in the Bay Area, the place she passionately still calls home. She has traveled the world and collaborated with other underground artists, and has even made a small appearance on the Showtime hit series The Real L Word. Her mix of Latino and LGBT cultural identity is ever present in her work. 

429Magazine sat down with the artist in a one on one interview where she shares her views on pop culture, the LGBT community, her work and the rise of the trendy “celesbians.”

429Magazine: For those who don’t know, who is Tragik the artist?

Tragik: I have a hard time talking about myself, or about what I do… but I like to explore different mediums and communicate/express my emotions through music, photography, film, fashion & writing. I’ve been making music for a little over 6 years now, and have toured the world through both music and my video/photo work. 

I also believe in artists/musicians having a social responsibility, especially with certain platforms and voices of inspiration, so I’ve made it a point to express my beliefs and activism for many communities. I’ve worked & volunteered in various non-profit’s for the past 10-15 years and continue to make that a part of my journey.

I still feel very transformative and know I have a lot of growth to do. I am still a struggling artist, but I have no intentions of being signed to any major label. I love being independent and having creative control, that is priceless. 

429Mag: Describe the type of experience you want your listeners to feel when they hear one of your tracks?

Tragik: The injustices I witnessed and experienced in various communities inspired me to start writing, first through spoken word and eventually into music. The music I make now is more about inspiring people to let go and push boundaries. I want to take people into a different world, my music is meant for closed eyes, to allow vibrations and sounds take weight off the chest… I like to keep things melodic and calming, and I have one of my main producers to thank for finding my sound. His name is Freddy AKA Stylez, from San Francisco. An amazing and undiscovered gem who deserves so much more recognition than he has. 

429Mag: How do you feel when people label you as a “lesbian musician?” I recently interviewed Siya and she takes offense to being labeled as a lesbian MC, do you see where she’s coming from or do you own the label?

Tragik: I am very much a supporter and activist within the queer community, yet I don’t want to be labeled as a lesbian musician only because it doesn’t seem fair, and it’s very confining. I don’t feel that my sexuality should have anything to do with me as an artist. Although I do not hide my sexuality, and am very open about it. 

It’s hard because I have many different type of supporters, a big majority being young lesbians who are recently coming out, or having a hard time being able to express themselves in their full capacity. I get letters almost every day from young girls and boys who have been depressed and suicidal who live in rural areas and are raised in cultures/religions/family who are not supportive but yet find freedom in listening to my music…giving them hope and inspiration to love themselves for what they feel inside, that means the world to me. 

I don’t take offense to the label but I also don’t agree with it. We have all been raised in this misogynist culture, growing up watching hetero TV, ad campaigns, love stories, music, radio, education… We were engulfed by this notion of normality yet somehow many queer people were able to come out of this stronger than ever and proud to be vocal about their sexuality, which is a beautiful thing, and something I would never hide. I just want to push the idea that no matter our sexuality or gender identity we are just as normal. Even as an artist. 

429Mag: You’re from the Bay Area in California. What’s your favorite neighborhood in San Francisco?

Tragik: My favorite neighborhood would have to be the Mission District…. I spent almost 10 years of my life in that area, before the gentrification. It was and still is so full of color, so alive. San Francisco and Oakland are my two favorite places to breathe. I have 415 and 510 tattooed on my hands, and no matter where I am in the world, I always get asked what it means, and I say, its home. 

429Mag: Tell me what you have lined up for Long Beach Pride?

Tragik: I will be DJing at 3 different parties this weekend, Friday for So Wet (Modern Love / Thrive Ent) at Cuban Pete’s Mojito Lounge in LB, Saturday for The Trap LA at Ultra Suede in WeHo and Sunday for The Grind 90’s Dance Party (Mugshot / Thrive Ent) at Cuban Pete’s Mojito Lounge in LB. 

I’ll also be at all 3 nights with the amazing dancer, ZULU NA$TY, my partner in crime&love.

429Mag: Are you coming back home for San Francisco Pride?

Tragik: Of course! SF Pride is the best. I have some things lined up for performing but cannot release any information yet…

429Mag: What projects are you working on and what can we look forward to seeing from you this year?

Tragik: I have recently moved back to Los Angeles from New Orleans, where I spent the last year, and am going full throttle. My first release will be my next single, “UNFORGETTABLE” produced by Stylez.


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