Rally in support of transgender teen forced to wear girl’s graduation gown


A rally is being held in support of transgender senior Damian Garcia of Saint Pius X high school. The demonstration will occur between 7am-1pm near the school at Coors and St. Joseph. 

The protest is meant to support Damian and to persuade school officials who are forcing him to wear a female graduation uniform. At the Saint Pius school boys wear a black cap and gown and girls wear white. 

Damian had a legal name change and identifies as male. His family, friends and teachers all refer to him with the appropriate pro-nouns and call him by his male name. However,  the superintendent of the school has made the decision to use his birth certificate, which states that he is a female, as the basis of determination of his graduation attire. 

With the support of 23,000 signatures, an online petition will be presented to Archbisop Michael Sheehan today, May 20, reported KOB.com. 

New Mexico’s Democrat State Senator Jacob Candelaria of district 26, a graduate of Saint Puix X, is also in support of Damian. 

“We should value the equality of all students…as an alum I hope that they side on being inclusive,” Sen. Candelaria said in an interview with 429Magazine. He continued, “this is just a special day in everyone’s life. This boy deserves to enjoy it like everyone else – he’s earned it.”

Candelaria reiterated how amazingly supportive Damian’s family has been through all of this. The Senator will be at the Saint Pius X graduation to watch his sister graduate. 

The peaceful protest is meant to not only support Damian but to also send a message of alliance with the entire transgender community. 


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