Family Research Council says gay scouts can stay in the closet


The Family Research Council (FRC) said they’re ok with gay scouts, as long as they stay in the closet. 

The Boy Scouts of America’s National Council is scheduled to debate the issue beginning this week. 

Current policy follows the FRC’s logic, permitting gay scouts as long as said scouts are not open about their orientation. 

“Finally, an important distinction has been lost in the current debate. The Boy Scouts’ long-standing policy does not, by its terms or in practice, exclude people who experience same-sex attraction,” said FRC Spokesperson Cathy Ruse. “Rather, the prohibition is on ‘open and avowed’ homosexuality, and it is that prohibition which will be lifted if the resolution passes.”

To protect the rest of the scouts and the faith of the churches that sponsor them, FRC views maintaining the homosexuality ban as the best solution. According to FRC’s President Tony Perkins, 70 percent of scout troops are sponsored by faith-based organizations.

Four of the largest sponsors are the Mormon Church, The Roman Catholic Church, The United Methodist Board of Church and Society and the United Church of Christ. While the Mormon Church supported the ban, the Catholic Church has not officially responded until the decision has been made.

According to a 2013 poll from the Washington Post, 59 percent of Catholics support marriage equality. The poll is the close to the overall American population supporting marriage equality, which is 58 percent.

The United Methodist Board of Church and Society and the United Church of Christ spoke against the ban with the former posting signs reading “We Welcome ALL Boy Scouts.”

“We interpret the bible to say that God loves all God’s children, and at this church, all of God’s children are truly welcome,” said Reverend Chase Peeples of the United Church of Christ.

The Scouts for Equality gained 1,815,304 signatures opposing the ban, which includes 6,821 openly gay Eagle scouts. The Family Research Council gathered 30,361 signatures from people who support the ban.

BSA is expected to make their final decision regarding the ban as early as Thursday. 


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