Congressman irked at comparison between LGBT equality and civil rights movement


Although democratic assemblyman Harvey Munford of North Las Vegas supports marriage equality, he does not see the similarities between the LGBT equality and civil rights movements.

“They relate this entire issue to the struggle of the blacks, there is no equal to the struggle of the blacks,” said Munford in an interview. “There is no way there can be any comparison to the oppression and to the humiliation and degradation that we received for 300 years. Now, they are going to act like that, with something that has been a national issue for such a short time?”

Munford finished his statement by expressing how upset he felt that the two political issues were compared to one another.

“It sort of disturbs me that they always attach it [same-sex marriage] to our struggle. I wonder what Martin Luther King would say today?”

Last Thursday, Munford was among those to cast their vote in favor of the Marriage Equality Resolution in Nevada. It passed out of the Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections Committee 7-3.


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