Westboro Church blames tornadoes in Oklahoma on LGBT community



The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) took to twitter to blame openly gay athlete Jason Collins for the tornado which recently tore through Oklahoma.

“OK Thunder’s Durant flips God by praising fag Collins. God smashed OK [Oklahoma]. You do the math. #GodH8sFags #FagsDoomNations #FearGod #GodH8sU,” Fred Phelps Jr. tweeted.

Phelps Jr. is the son of the WBC’s 83-year-old leader, Fred Philips I.

“Oklahoma is getting its butt kicked again in a very powerful fashion! A mile-wide tornado #ThankGod #GiveHimGlory!” Phelps additionally tweeted.

With the tweets, the church uploaded a photo of a rainbow flag prevailing in the destruction.

“We’re only saying ‘you brought His wrath Oklahoma! Oklahoma, you’ll pay!’”

“#ThankGod for the tornadoes!” tweeted another member of the church.

In their signature tactic, the church has threatened to picket the funerals of the 24 people killed in the disaster.

One of their tweets reads: “Connect the dots america! You refuse to obey God……. He unleashes His fury upon this doomed nation.”

The church also blamed the Boston Marathon bombings on the state’s legalization of marriage equality.

They have criticized former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for advocating for the LGBT community.

“She put forth a conservative face as prime minister, but fags filled her staff. She supported Section 28 in 1988,” the church tweeted. “But was a wicked hypocrite! She married another woman’s husband. God hates adulterers.”

Margeret Thatcher banned the endorsement of homosexuality in schools with Section 28.



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