Pop singer Natalie Nylon shows LGBT support


An overseas pop star, Natalie Nylon just hit the industry with her second full-length album, Star-Crossed Lovers, boasting catchy dance anthems with Euro electro flair. 

Her music, presenting an upbeat, 90’s girl next door feel, has been featured on Showtime’s The Real L Word and FX’s American Horror Story. 

Nylon started playing music when she was 4-years-old, and began writing her own songs at 12. After playing in local bands through high school and touring with her old pop punk band, she knew it was what she wanted to do. 

“I seriously started writing music for fun and it makes me so happy…I’ll never stop making music,” Nylon told 429Magazine.

Her solo project took off in LA with a close friend when 3 of her songs hit #1 on European dance charts. As most artists, her songs come from personal experience. 

“I just write what comes naturally to me, but you can definitely hear my influences,” Nylon said. 

“Most of my songs are about past relationships…or how hard it is to find someone who you can really connect with.” 

Nylons’ new album shares sentiments on love and intimacy; such as on her song “Dry Rivers” about “a draining and dramatic” relationship. She described that she is exceedingly connected to the album as through the making she endured a difficult breakup. Additionally, it reflects her experience entering the dating scene again. 

“The songs helped me get through it all. It’s amazing what music can do.”

Full of passion and conflict, the choosing of the album name in itself echoes the difficulties in love and life as ‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ is a tale of two lovers who cannot be together”•a pro skater she has been in love with for 7-8 years.

“Both of us date other people and go on with our lives, but we’re always in each others minds and we really care for one another, even while I was engaged. The song ‘Star-Crossed’ explains it all.”

As a woman, Nylon loves being in the industry, but explained that without a “strong crew to back you, it is hard for women to get recognition, especially if they are first starting out.”

As such, she works solely with producers that give her the freedom “to make the calls” she said.  

“I have a really strong vision and idea of what I want my songs to sound like so I work with people who understand me.”

As someone who is constantly looking for opportunities, Nylon explained that she is open to failing as it makes her “a stronger person in the end.” 

“You are exposing yourself to the possibility of failure and getting hurt which makes you so vulnerable. But you have to take these chances in order to succeed and as simple as it is, live.” 

As an avid LGBT supporter, Nylon tries to get involved as much as she can. 

“…Going to events to support, donations to local organizations, even something as simple as wearing an equality sticker. Everyone can make a difference and I believe that everyone should support and try to do as much as they can to help the LGBT community.”


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