Small town in conservative state says yes to marriage equality


Bisbee, Arizona is known as a mining town and haven for artists and retreaters looking for a slow pace lifestyle with a plethora of cafes and antique shops set along country roads. 

In early April, this small town with a population of 5,600 tucked away in the conservative state of Arizona has passed same-sex civil unions. 

In opposition to this new law, the attorney general of Arizona has claimed that the town has over-stepped its bounds. Now, town controllers have watered-down the progressive language of the bill.

The words “marriage” and “spouse” have been omitted from the law, reducing it to suggest a contractual agreement. 

Regardless of the word change, the law remains the same; same-sex unions are legal in Bisbee, a bright spot for equality in a normally conservative state. 

As public opinions continue to shift in favor of the LGBT community, it is becoming increasingly difficult for even the reddest of states to not consider a change. 


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