Update: transgender woman turned away from bridal shop files suit


A transgender woman has filed a human rights complaint after being discriminated against in a bridal shop. 

Rohit Singh was rudely turned away from trying on gowns at Jenny’s Bridal Shop in Saskatoon, Canada. The owner believed that she was a man. 

The owner of the shop, who has remained anonymous, was reported as telling the woman, “Sorry, we don’t allow men to wear dresses here.”

Needless to say, what’s wrong with a man trying on a dress? 

This is more than a transgender issue. This is an offense to gender as a  whole. There is no law stating that men can’t wear dresses; furthermore, in many countries around the globe it is a cultural normalcy for men to wear dresses and skirts. 

If a nay-sayer tried telling a Scottish man not to wear a kilt on his wedding day, or an African man not to wear a Dashiki shirt (an ankle-length flowing top) he would be dismissed as a fool. Imagine asking an American bishop not to wear a gown; he would look at the one opposing him  as  if he committed blasphemy. 

However, in the event of discriminating against a gender non-conformist from wearing a dress, the owner of Jenny’s Bridal Shop didn’t blink an eye. 

The owner claimed to be under the impression that Singh was a man and turned her away in protection of the other customers’ comfort level, reports suggested.

Singh explained her reasoning for filing a human rights complaint. “I never think that I’m a man and if I think that, it makes me emotionally depressed and all those things—and that’s what she did with me,” said Singh, as reported by Global News. 

Singh continued, “It’s not just my battle. It’s the battle of all the transgender community, which is discriminated against day by day by all of society.” 

Canada’s House of Commons recently passed an anti-discrimination bill to protect transgender individuals from discrimination of this kind.


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