French anti-gay leader withdraws from rally


French anti-equality leader Frigide Barjot has withdrawn her participation from an upcoming rally. The comedian feared the protests would escalate to violence after France approved marriage equality.

“I do not feel safe and I wonder if I’m going to show,” she said in a press conference, as reported by L’Express. “There are serious threats to me.”

Also known by her real name, Virginie Tellene, the born-again Catholic assembled like-minded conservative and religious organizations under the group “Demo for All.”

France approved marriage equality earlier this month, and Barjot blamed the quick passage of the equality bill for the violence that followed. Barjot advised that civil unions legislation is a better alternative.

“This is a disgrace. The French people don’t want this law, and what do they do?” Barjot told French reporters last month. “They speed up its passage. [French President] Hollande wants blood, and he will get it.”

The country has faced increasing violence and homophobic attacks in the wake of the equality bill’s consideration and passage.
In April, a group called French Spring vandalized an LGBT fair. In Paris on May 21, an anti-equality advocate committed suicide in Notre Dame Cathedral, to martyr himself in support of traditional marriage.


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