Marine Captain Matthew Phelps marries partner Ben Schock


United States Marine Corps Captain Matthew Phelps and his partner Ben Schock were married over the weekend on May 25. Phelps proposed to Schock at the White House in December 2012. 

It was reportedly the first same-sex marriage proposal on-site at the White House, and the photo of the engagement went viral soon after. 

“Ten years ago when I enlisted, I never would have imagined the day that I would publicly propose to a boyfriend, much less at the White House while still on active duty as a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps,” Phelps said.

The couple has been surprised by the support and love they have received. 

“Such a special night surrounded by wonderful people in an amazing place, and the best is still yet to come with Ben Schock,” Phelps wrote back in December on their blog. “Thanks for all the wonderful greetings and messages, and thanks to Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for lending us your home for the occasion!”

According to their blog, the couple chose Kaua’i as their honeymoon destination.

“When we got into the Jeep to get some provisions, we turned on the radio, hit ‘seek’ once, and landed on the public radio station KKCR during the Free2B hour as they were giving a tribute to LGBT troops and vets in honor of Memorial Day,” Phelps wrote. “When we called the radio station to thank them for the tribute and share the coincidence with the host, she asked us to stay on and tell our story to her listeners on the air.”

“So far, I think we are off to a great start,” Phelps concluded.


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