The future is uncertain for the Boy Scouts of America


The future of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is uncertain. At the moment, it seems as though the backlash following their decision to allow gay scouts up to the age of 18, but not out leaders, isn’t good enough for the government.

On Wednesday, May 29th, BSA was stripped of their non-profit title in California because due to anti-gay discrimination against members.

Democratic Senator Ricardo Lara introduced the bill, which strips BSA of tax-exemption in the state of California.

The support for the legislation was overwhelming, with the senate passing the bill with a 29-7 vote.

The bill has also made history as the first LGBT-related bill to pass with a two-thirds majority.

Earlier this month, BSA ended their ban on gay scouts. Although this was a big step in the right direction for the organization, BSA still won’t allow openly gay leaders to serve in the 103-year-old organization.

This has frustrated quite a few people including Ohio mother Jennifer Tyrrell.

Tyrrell served as a parent-leader and was banned from continuing her participation with the organization once they found out she was a lesbian.

Tyrrell said she was “devastated,” and “cried for two days” when she found out she could no longer be a leader.

She decided to stand up for herself and those like her, and began a petition on to have the ban lifted so gay parents can serve as leaders.

Since then, she has become one of many faces fighting for equality, and has spoken across the country regarding the issue.

Many conservatives aren’t happy with the progress.

MissionAmerica radio host Linda Harvey, an anti-gay Christian, said the BSA “should not be a social experiment.”

Harvey wrote in a column to WordNetDaily, “Condom training, cross-dressing troop members and lessons on ‘homophobia’: Welcome to the new, improved Boy Scouts of America.”

She goes on to write, “As time rolls on, there will be incidents of abuse. Will the Boy Scout organization report these? Let’s not kid ourselves. They just showed how compromised/intimidated/clueless they are. Expect cover-up upon cover-up in the future, eventually resembling the Catholic Church scandal.”

She continues, “The climate of assent will erode each boy’s code of ethics, either quickly or slowly, but it will happen. It will erode the Christian boy’s reliance on Scripture, his relationship with the real, living Almighty God and our Savior Jesus Christ.”


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