NBA charges $75,000 fine for anti-LGBT slur


NBA player Roy Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers has been fined for swearing and using a derogatory term regarding the LGBT community.

The National Basketball Association charged Roy Hibbert $75,000 after he attacked the media, while personally slamming Miami Heat player LeBron James.

“LeBron was scoring in the post or getting to the paint cause he was stretching me out so much — no homo,” Hibbert said during a postgame press conference this past Saturday.

In less than 24 hours, the Indiana Pacers player apologized. 

“I am apologizing for insensitive remarks made during the postgame press conference after our victory over Miami Saturday night. They were disrespectful and offensive and not a reflection of my personal views,” said Hibbert. 

“I used a slang term that is not appropriate in any setting, private or public, and the language I used definitely has no place in a public forum, especially over live television. I apologize to those who I have offended, to our fans and to the Pacers’ organization. I sincerely have deep regret over my choice of words last night.”

An NBA representative later explained the situation and their reason for the fine. 

“While Roy has issued an apology, which is no doubt sincere, a fine is necessary to reinforce that such offensive comments will not be tolerated by the NBA,” said NBA commissioner David Stern.

Hibbert appeared to contact Jason Collins on Twitter. Collins made headlines as the first openly gay athlete in an American sports league. 

 “hey can I get a follow. Would like to discuss something’s with you,” Hibbert tweeted.

Collins has apparently not contacted Hibbert as of yet. 

“He obviously made a great mistake. He’s very contrite and feels horribly about it,” Coach Frank Vogel added.


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