Azealia Banks goes after GLAAD on Twitter


Azealia Banks is back at it in the Twitterverse making more offensive comments concerning the LGBT community. This time, she’s attacking GLAAD, saying that they are selective on who they choose to be offended by after the LGBT advocacy group released a statement in regards to calling celebrity blogger Perez Hilton a “faggot” on Twitter.

Banks made the remarks back in January in a heated Twitter feud between the two as she told Hilton that he should “kill himself.” Banks never apologized and instead took to her Twitter page again to defend herself saying that the word “faggot” was no big deal.

The rapper then had a feud with fellow hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky after he made a comment about her lipstick in which she fired back saying he should come out of the closet.

Banks, who identifies as bisexual, has attacked other journalists and artists with homophobic slurs, while claiming that she is the one being picked on. 

Her most recent rant was pretty nasty. She has since erased all but one tweet, but of course her words were already captured and read:

“@glaad you guys are media whores, and don’t stand for anything real. Your organization has no real integrity and therefore no real voice.” 

Her other tweets read: “@glaad cute how you guys pick and choose when to be upset about something” and “Where are the REAL LGBT organizations at? The real ones that REALLY help the youth.”

In April, it was rumoured that she had to turn over control of her Twitter account after all the arguments with celebrities were giving Banks a bad reputation. It seems nothing has come of it since, as Banks is still spitting fire and is apparently in full control of her tweets.

GLAAD has yet to respond to any of her comments, but have stressed how much of a big deal using the “f-word” is by posting a statement as well as responses from other LGBT youth who were offended by her causal use of the word.


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