Fox News radio host is not happy with “gender-bending” children


Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham spoke against a new “gender-bending phenomenon” that has parents “pushing kids” towards identity confusion.

Ingraham conversed with the Associated Press and spiraled into a long discussion of a “gender variant 10-year-old” named Adam, who didn’t want to be identified as a male. His parents eventually “gave in” and allowed Adam to identify as female. 

“It’s got to be confusing for kids. I mean I am just a throwback, I guess. All of this stuff just seems wild to me,” said Ingraham. “But this is what has not only been pushed in the film world and the world of literature. We are always pushing, pushing, pushing. And kids really can’t be kids any longer. They have to be sexual beings at age 6, 5 even.”

Ingraham joins a long list of conservatives that are nervous aboutgender bending for kids. Last week, conservative groups like Focus on Family were outraged that the Hub Network premiered “SheZow,” an Australian show about a 10-year-old boy transforming into a female superhero.

“SheZow presents at a pop-culture level what transgender activists believe and what some academics have taught for years: that gender is completely socially constructed and that people can change gender… this cartoon reflects our culture’s confusion about the two sexes, and kids don’t need that confused message,” Focus on Family spokesperson Jeff Johnston told CitizenLink.

According to, a majority of children have their gender identity chosen at four years of age with a firm stability in their choosing.

“So that’s – it’s normal for kids to experiment,” said Ingraham. “They wear different things. But now it becomes their identity. And I am not saying some of these kids don’t end up sexually in different places, I don’t know.” 

She continues, “But I know when they’re kids, their brains have not developed. You don’t have your — your sexual being even if you can have sex, your sexual being, from everything I have read from all the accomplished psychotherapists and everyone who has examined this, your sexual, quote, identity is really not solidified until much later on.”

Ingraham and Johnston both failed to separate sexual orientation and gender identity as most children firmly define their gender identity at an early age while sexual identification develops in a child’s early teen years.

“[This] pushing kids into a box — you are transgender, you are this, you are that… And provides no time for them to grow and maybe grow past their current fascination with — whether it’s trucks for a girl or fairy princesses for a boy,” Ingraham concluded.

“I just think of friends of mine who have large families and would be like, get the dress off. Take the dress off, we are going to go out and play some football. Paint. Whatever we want to do. But you’re not wearing the dress. But instead it’s, ‘wear the dress.’ And ‘we’re validating you.’ And again, this is not a 17 year old.”

Like with their gay and lesbian counterparts, Science Daily discovered that failing to acknowledge the transgender identity leads to depression, emotional damage, suicidal behavior and substance abuse.

According to Drag it Out, 33 percent of transgender youth have made an effort in suicide while 90 percent of transgender youth reported feeling harmful school surroundings because of their gender expression.


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