Transgender student proudly walks in high school graduation


A 17-year-old transgender student was able to proudly walk across the stage at her high school graduation on Sunday after being allowed to wear the female graduation robe.

Chris Calderon-Perez has been living as a female for two years now. Calderon-Perez was embarrassed and angry at Fostoria High School in Ohio for telling her that she had to wear the male dress code, which is shirt and a tie, and the male graduate robe at her ceremony.

Calderon-Perez went to Principal Tom Grine, who although was sensitive to the subject matter, still said he had to enforce the dress code as written in the student handbook.

The Puerto Rican student’s story reached the Fostoria Board of Education, who said that they didn’t want to make any of their students feel bad for who they are and that the rules will be adjusted for transgender students.

“It’s a tricky situation,” Thomas Guernsey, president of the FBOE said, as reported in the Huffington Post. “It’s probably going to happen more and more as society evolves in this manner, and this probably won’t be the last time we deal with this.”

Calderon-Perez was very excited about the news and wanted to share her celebratory mood with her loved ones who have embraced who she is.

“All I want to see is my mom proud of me, to see me walking because I deserve it,” she told the Columbus Dispatch.  “My academic achievement has nothing to do with my appearance.”


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