Man writes petition to ban Illinois politicians from Pride parade


A Chicago resident has put out a petition trying to ban Illinois politicians from participating in the 44th annual Pride parade because of the recent failure to pass the state’s gay marriage bill.

Curtis Bumgarner wrote the petition on and so far it has received over 1,100 signatures.

In the petition, Bumgarner said, “How could they not hear the people cry out for equality? So why should we be subjected to [hearing]them cry out for votes and elections during our time of being proud of who we are and the battles we have overcome? Not to mention the assault of publications handed out by them or their employees during our festivities—IF YOU CAN’T HELP US—WHY SHOULD WE HELP YOU?”

Richard Pfeiffer, Chicago Pride’s main organizer, talked to about the situation and said that even though the petition is gaining a lot of attention, organizers of the celebration have no plans to ban anyone from the parade or any of its festivities.

“Parade day should not be a day of division and rancor, but rather one of love, pride and unity,” Pfeiffer said.

Sponsors of the same-sex marriage bill were just as disappointed as Bumgarner for the failed attempt and issued a public apology to same-sex families and supporters on Monday.

“We want to extend our sincerest apologies to the families who rushed to Springfield in the waning hours of session to support equality in anticipation of this historic vote,” the statement read. “You have been and continue to be our inspiration and we pledge to fight together until we achieve full equality for all Illinois families.”

The bill most likely won’t be reconsidered until November. Chicago’s Pride parade will take place at the end of Pride month on June 30.


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