“It’s a beautiful thing when boy meets boy” in new music video


Musician Matt Fishel finds that cheesy lines have a certain charm in his new single, “When Boy Meets Boy.”

The music video, fully animated in Flash, portrays Fishel’s encounter and brief but cute relationship with skater boy Marcus in a London pub. .

A singer, producer, and songwriter, Fishel’s work reflects his own experiences with themes of sexuality, lust, love, and learning through the trials, tribulations, and joys of being a gay teenager and young adult. .

“When Boy Meets Boy” is part of Fishel’s debut solo album, “Not Thinking Straight” and produced through his own record label, Young Lust Records. On his website , Fishel says that the freedom of being his own producer “has enabled him to manage and oversee his own projects and to collaborate with a number of exciting artists from around the globe.” The music video for “When Boy Meets Boy” was made in collaboration with filmmaker and comic book illustrator Joe Phillips.

The song, as well as the complete album, is available on Amazon and iTunes.


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