Nearly four million people show their pride at Sao Paulo’s celebration


Despite a drop in number of attendees due to cold and bad weather, the 17th annual Sao Paulo Pride on June 2 still had an amazing turnout, with nearly four million people in attendance.

People chanted and celebrated in the streets, and marchers held an enormous rainbow flag that they marched under during the procession.

Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, was the first to legalize same-sex marriage back in 2012 and the country is well on its way to passing it nationwide.

In May, the Brazilian National Council of Justice voted in favor of same-sex marriage, and now the country is waiting on Congress. This process is a bit slower, since the country is still very much populated with Catholics who feel strongly about traditional marriage and are vocal about protesting the new law.

This year the main focus was to advocate for same-sex rights and show the people who are using religion as a means to discriminate that the LGBT community isn’t backing down.

Signs read “Never going back in the closet,” and people shouted for the legalization of same-sex rights.

This is Sao Paulo’s 17th Pride celebration; attendee numbers for the festivities went from only about two thousand in 1997 to four million in 2011.

Sao Paulo’s Pride is known to be one of the largest annual gatherings in the city and at one point held the title for biggest Pride celebration in the world.


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