Facebook takes down game re-enacting violence at LGBT rally


A Facebook game in which players control a black-robed priest throwing stools (as in, the backless chair kind) at participants in a gay pride march is being taken down.

The game, “Call of Taburetka,” is based on a recent event. On May 17, an International Day Against Homophobia gathering in Tbilisi, Georgia turned violent when thousands of anti-LGBT protesters, including Georgian Orthodox priests in long black robes, mobbed the crowd and battered them with thrown objects such as sticks and stones—and at least one stool. According to news sources, seventeen participants in the march were injured.

In the game, the title of which translates to “Call of the Stool,” players control the apparent Georgian Orthodox priest in a side-scrolling fighting game, advancing through by destroying buses, marchers (some of whom carry rainbow flags), and, for some reason, flying angels in business suits. 

Nearly a thousand people had “liked” the game; it was listed as having 2600 players, and was rated 4.5 out of 5.

The developer of the game, Georgian Kakha Giorgashvili, said in response to accusations of homophobia, “Dear friends, this game it not anti-gay. it just describes what happened on may 17. From author.”

LGBT gamers and allies didn’t buy it; one, known as Noble Bear, said the game was “one of the laziest and most immature works of hate I’ve seen to date.”

A Facebook representative told the Huffington Post that the game is being taken down for violating its platform policies, “in order to maintain a trustworthy experience for users.”


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