Evangelist calls Uganda’s anti-gay bill “courageous”


Anti-gay Evangelist Scott Lively wrote an article for Defend the Family in which he called it “courageous” for Uganda to have a “kill the gays bill,” but said he himself does not fully support the bill.

Lively wrote that homosexuality should be considered “criminalizing,”  explaining that it will “discourage non-users from starting,” similar to the way anti-drug laws prevent people who have not taken drugs from beginning to take them.

He commended Uganda for “firmly [resisting]the enormous power and relentless pressure of the international ‘gay’ lobby.” He also suggested that it has helped many, writing that “Uganda’s AIDS rate went from the highest to the lowest in Africa during this same time period,” as a result.

“I do not support the proposed anti-homosexuality law as written,” he wrote. But in his view, with alterations, it could represent “an encouraging step in the right direction.”

Lively concluded his article by stating, “As one of the first laws of this century to recognize that the destructiveness of the ‘gay’ agenda warrants opposition by government, it would deserve support from Christian believers and other advocates of marriage-based culture around the world.”

The organization he serves as president of Abiding Truth Ministries is regarded by the Southern Poverty Law center as a hate group.


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