NASA joins It Gets Better Project


The NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) released a video for the It Gets Better Project on YouTube, created by the “Out & Allied @ JSC Employee Resource Group” of NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

NASA had the inspiration to create the video because they wanted the video to be an outreach tool for high school and college-aged lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning individuals who are victims of and/or being affected by bulling.

The video began with an astronaut from NASA stating, “Being different is great and you should really rejoice in those differences. And you should realize whoever you are, whatever you bring, it’s important and that you are necessary.”

They had engineers, instructors, scientists and even interns who were gay, lesbian, and transgender expressing their experiences coming to terms with their identity. Many told stories that were very heartfelt and emotional for them to talk about.

NASA not only had their LGBT members be a part of the It Gets Better video, but also had a few of their allies participate—including the mother of an MTF person, who said, “I realized that if she was going to have the courage to be who she was and to be out that if I was going to be the kind of mom that she deserved, I had to have courage too.”

Towards the end of the video, the LGBT members began to explain how great they felt after coming out to their loved ones. All of the individuals in the video said they received only acceptance from their loved ones, and some said “a weight” was lifted off their shoulders after coming out. They encouraged everyone to come out because the feeling after coming out is indescribable.

One individual said, with a smile on his face: “just take a deep breath and it’s very simple to say, ‘I am gay;’ it’s all you have to say.”

An educator from NASA added, “Embrace yourself for who you are, be proud of who you are, and accept yourself.”

The video concluded with the NASA team shouting as one, “It gets better!”


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