American Family Association compares Boy Scouts to Hitler Youth


The American Family Association is not pleased with the Boy Scouts of America. After a group marched in a Utah pride parade with their uniforms, Bryan Fischer made a comparison between gay Boy Scouts and Hitler Youth.

The small group defied orders, but that didn’t stop Fischer from saying the Boy Scouts’ new policy is “a major homosexual recruiting effort.”

“In the German version of it, their own independent standalone version, homosexuality had a lot to do with their scouting program,” Fischer stated on his radio program.

The analogy was spurred after having a scheduled interview with author Scott Lively of the book “Pink Swastika.”

Lively’s book goes to great lengths to call the Nazis “gay.” With the inclusion of gay Scouts, Lively sees the BSA as a “revival of the Greek ideal of pedagogic pederasty” in conjunction with Germany’s youth movement.

The interview was supposedly to discuss the “the rise of homosexualism [sic]in Nazi Germany; about the role that scouting played in Germany, in the early part of the 20th century.”

Notorious for his anti-LGBT sentiments, he approved a Catholic school’s decision to fire a lesbian teacher.

“We have got to reclaim the ‘discrimination’ word. The language has gotten to the place where everybody thinks if it is discrimination—it’s bad. ‘Discrimination’ itself has become a bad word,” Fischer argued.

“They were absolutely right to do it. There are times when discrimination is the right thing to do. They were discriminating against this woman’s sexual behavior; sexual misconduct; immoral sexual behavior. We should make no apologies for discriminating against that kind of behavior.”


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