Netflix and Xfinity show their Pride this month


In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, Netflix has a Pride Guide of movies and shows for, about, and by the LGBT set available on its Watch Instantly service.

The service’s “Gay & Lesbian Movies” section isn’t new, or hidden; like any other category, it’s listed on the sidebar… and by virtue of alphabetical order, between “Foreign Movies” and “Horror”.

The choices offered range from the obvious Brokeback Mountain and Chasing Amy to less well-known flicks such as Tomboy and We Were Here; the UK version of Queer as Folk is available too. Though the search box isn’t as obvious as it should be, will quickly let you know if what you’re after is offered.

Also worth a look is Xfinity’s new LGBT “microsite”. Unlike Netflix, selection varies with subscription; though access to the vast majority of offered shows and movies are included with a Digital Starter package, a select few are premium content, requiring users to upgrade their service or buy individual “passes” to watch single episodes or movies.


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