“L.A. Hair” star Anthony Pazos says “I don’t need to prove that I’m gay”


With an electrifying attitude and extensive knowledge for hair styling, it’s not hard to believe Anthony Pazos is famously known for his work on celebs such as the Kardashians, Ashley Greene and One Direction – but now he is becoming more than just the man behind the chair.

Being a stylist came natural to Pazos. He told 429Magazine he’s been styling hair for as long as he could remember and it’s just natural for him.

“My job was to do their hair in the morning,” he said of his sisters Lauren and Alyssa. 

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, he graduated with an AA and license in cosmetology and began “popping around studio to studio” in Hollywood.

Pazos now works as a freelance stylist at a chic salon on the Sunset Strip; he is also one of the stars on WETV’s “L.A. Hair” and is coming out with his own mascara line this fall, called “Opulence Lashes.” 

Featured in other television shows such as Style Networks “How Do I Look” and “Split Ends,” Pazos became the breakout star of “L.A. Hair” due to his quirky personality and fabulous hair creations.

Having obtained success, Pazos says he loves “working at a salon that has the credibility” of being known for styling the rich and famous. “It makes me give 110%,” he says, and he also points out that Khloe Kardashian is his “favorite because she has the best personality, so sweet. Totally chill.” He confesses Ashley Green is “a doll” and “totally great to work with.” He also admits “it’s stressful, but gratifying” to work at an admirable salon, but at the end of the day, the real value is getting to work with such fabulous people. 

With a famous clientele and unlimited drama between stylists (and sometimes their clients), season two of “L.A. Hair” premieres on June 6. Pazos says the new season has “loud cat fighting comedy,” and it is “way better, WAY better, than season 1.” 

Pazos dishes on the “amazing guest stars” that will be appearing on “L.A. Hair.” He name-drops performers and actresses such as Destiny Childs’ Michelle Williams, Faith Evans and True Bloods’ Jessica Clark. He says there will be a huge “blow out” from another celebrity in the salon. He said he couldn’t say her name, but he did say she “dated 50 Cent.” 

Pazos is not only dedicated to styling beautiful people – he also does a great deal of work both for animals and for the LGBT community. 

About two years ago, Pazos rescued two pit bulls named Kenny Powers and Peanut Butter, and calls them, “the sweetest dogs ever.” He makes it a point to mention how inhumane many animals are being treated everyday. He says he does not have any tolerance for it.

Although Pazos is not one to be flamboyant, he says he has to be “more toned down” while at work in order to be more “respected” from his colleagues. He feels strongly about marriage equality, and believes the government’s “priorities aren’t in the right space.” He suggests that if they don’t want to let gay couples have the title of marriage, they should at least “cater to the LGBT community.”

“Don’t call it marriage-but give it the same rights,” he said

Pazos’ mission statement is, “Everyone is beautiful in their own way. My mission is not to simply make someone look ‘pretty,’ but unveil their true beauty to the world.” 

“L.A. Hair” premiered on WETV on Thursday, June 6, at 10PM PST. 


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