Russian group calls Elton John’s clothing “homosexual propaganda”


A group known as the Communists of Russia was offended by Sir Elton John’s wardrobe choices, and is calling his clothes “homosexual propaganda.”

The head of the local branch of the Communists of Russia, Mikhail Abramyan, also asked John if he could change his wardrobe before playing the city of Kransnodar on July 14. Offering his own styling advice, Abramyan suggests the British mega star wear, “a knee-length caftan, a fur hat and leather boots.”

Abramyan believes the caftan is far “more respectable” for John to perform in. A caftan is a front-buttoned coat or overdress that reaches down to the knees or ankles with long sleeves.

In Russia, the conservatives use them as ritual religious clothing.
“We hope he’ll wear it,” Abramyan said.

If John refuses to wear the caftan, the Communist group plans to protest in the streets.


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