Kindergarten class celebrates diversity with “True Colors” rendition


For their graduation, a group of kindergarteners executed an “American sign language” performance as a tribute to the LGBT Community. Los Angeles Unified School District Kindergarten teacher Arturo Avina taught the children sign language to singer Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.” 

Video below

“Kindergarteners and rainbows…yep, we went there. Watch the kids perform and sign Cyndi Lauper’s classic anthem ‘True Colors,’” Avino wrote on his Facebook. “The message: love yourself, and always show love, kindness, and respect to others no matter who they are. Regardless of ethnicity, sex, gender, religious creed, or sexual orientation, EVERYONE is worthy of love.”

Arturo explained that he wanted his students to understand the message instead of simply singing so he opted for sign language. He started with two children with signs reading, “You Are Perfect” and “You Are Good” and covered the children with sashes of the Rainbow.

“Addressing diversity isn’t anything new in my classroom, and if the song’s message really made it through to my students and they truly internalized the importance of universal love and respect, then that should automatically translate to inclusivity,” Avina added. “If they’re taught to love unconditionally, then they should understand that there is not one group of people that is the exception to the rule.”

With conservatives concerned with the “appalling” effects of the “homosexual propaganda,” Avino wrote on his blog that he would welcome the message.

“Oh. My. God. Conservatives were actually right on this one. The ‘gay agenda’ is infiltrating our public schools! And you know what? It’s absolutely fabulous,” Avina wrote on his blog. “[If] this is what the ‘gay agenda’ looks like in public schools, let’s bring it on. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.”



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