Prince Harry, LGBT ally


The UK may have another LGBT advocate in Prince Harry. According to a former squadmate, Trooper James Wharton, the Prince of Wales was on his side when Wharton was the target of an anti-LGBT verbal attack in 2008. If it had escalated, Wharton claims he would have been “murdered by the infantry.”

Wharton says six fellow soldiers saying anti-LGBT remarks verbally accosted him. When he told Prince Harry, who was his tank commander at the time, he said “Right, I’m going to sort this shit out once and for all.”

The Prince returned and confirmed that everything was “sorted” and said he told the men to “back the fuck off.”

“I will always be grateful to Harry and I will never forget what happened,” Murphy told the Daily Mail while promoting his new book, “Out In The Army.” 

“Until he went over and dealt with everything I was on track for a battering.”

Shadow Defense Secretary Jim Murphy also commended Prince Harry’s actions and leadership. 

“The whole country will applaud Prince Harry. Our Forces should reflect the modern-day Britain they fight so hard to defend,” Murphy told the Daily Mail.

In his book, Wharton discusses Prince Harry and his brother William as LGBT allies as well as gay icons. Prince Harry has been spotted numerous times at gay bars with his friends in the past. 


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