Ellen surprises military couple with money for dream wedding and honeymoon


Wendy Williams’ funny antics and Ellen’s dance moves weren’t the only things that got the Ellen DeGeneres Show’s audience cheering on her June 10 show; the talk show host also gave a lesbian couple the ultimate surprise.

DeGeneres gifted active duty Air Force member Stephanie and former Marine Tracy $20,000 for the wedding they have been saving up for, as well as an all-expenses paid trip to Fiji, a trip worth $17,000.

The couple, who met at a bar, said that since their first date they knew they had an intense and deep relationship and even had people come up to them telling them how beautiful and in love they looked. They had a long distance relationship for a while and got engaged on January 24 on a beach, at sunset.

Since then, the two have been doing anything they can to save for their dream wedding, which they plan on having in spring of 2014. Stephanie even got a second job delivering pizza, telling Ellen, “you gotta do what you gotta do!”

Stephanie even signed up for a free mobile app called Viggle, which has a smartphone listen to what TV show is on and checks it in on the app, allowing the user to begin collecting points and giving them a chance to earn money.

Stephanie thought she had just won the $1,000 advertised on the app for watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show, but was brought to tears at the real surprise.


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