The Fosters lesbian family dynamic does well in ratings


ABC’s Family Channel has added another drama, The Fosters, to their popular weekday lineup, and it has many more interesting aspects than just executive producer Jennifer Lopez promoting it; the show is about a biracial lesbian couple, raising a family of teenagers with their own mini-dramas.

One of the lead actresses, Sherri Saum, who plays one of the lesbian moms, talks about how she prepped for the role and the response she has been receiving from the lesbian community.

“It’s been really overwhelming and genuine. Everybody has just been so sincere about how much they enjoyed the show and how much they were surprised they enjoyed it,” Saum said in an interview with “ABC Family maybe wouldn’t be their first choice for television but they were pleasantly surprised.”

Saum, who is married to a man and identifies as heterosexual, made it clear that she had no reservations about playing the role of a lesbian, claiming at the end of the day the role was based on love and family.

“When I got into playing her [Lena Foster] the thing about being in love with a woman, it was just this groundbreaking feeling. Love is love and I just really got that point. Everyone was like, ‘Well, how did you prepare to be a lesbian?’” said Saum. “And you know, I had that moment of oh my gosh, I have to prepare to be this lesbian. And then I just threw that all out the window and decided I’m just going to love her, love Stef [her wife on the show], and surround everything in love.”

Ratings for the show, which premiered this week, were good, and Saum said she got a lot of warm responses via Twitter.

Jennifer Lopez recently talked about her inspiration for the show – her aunt, who was a lesbian. Lopez said she loved her aunt dearly and even lived with her for a short while. Unfortunately, her aunt passed away from cancer, but Lopez wanted to make sure she presented struggles that her aunt faced and at the same time show how much love every type of family can have.


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