Let’s play “Homophobic Bingo”


On a recent episode of the 700 Club, televangelist Pat Robertson said that the Boy Scouts…

You know what? Unless he went on to say “were absolutely right to lift their ban, and I only regret that LGBT adults are still forbidden from being leaders in the organization,” we’ve heard it all before.

Sometimes, reading the news, no matter how horrible the stories being reported, is just boring; didn’t I read exactly this last week? Wait, no, it was someone else saying exactly the same thing.

One way to keep up with the news without also keeping up your blood pressure (or your blood alcohol content) is with a nice game of Argument Bingo; all you need is your favorite current events source, a custom bingo board site, and a list of the same old tired arguments you’re sick of hearing. I used this site to make mine: 

Play it just like regular Bingo, although loss of faith in humanity isn’t much of a prize. Still, it can be fun to shout “BINGO!” at especially exasperating news reports.

Back to Robertson, as reported in Right Wing Watch:

Said the BSA will now be letting in “predators” and “pedophiles”: check and check!

Claimed all this will somehow “rip apart the framework of traditional marriage”: check!

Went on to lament about “an organization that has done so much good for young people” = “think of the children!”: check!

Out of the blue mention of sex: check!

“the so-called liberal media”: check!

“kids who want to do sex with each other” = ignorance of grammar: check!

Seven checks in three paragraphs, not counting the free space; I think the only thing I’m surprised about was that there weren’t more, given the speaker. Actually watching the video might black out the entire board.

If you want to keep playing, download my set here (choose small or large), or make your own!


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